Branding, Premium Events & Digital Content.
We are a Brand Experience Marketing Agency in Palma

Across Agency create and produce Brand Experience campaigns – brand awareness + promotional campaigns with Digital Content (webdesign, photography, films, music, audio, copy) and designed Premium Events.

We support brave clients within fashion-, media-, automotive-, music-, lifestyle-, retail and hospitality industries.

Our studio and the team present Branding, Event & Studio services in Palma daily with an extended support from the Scandinavian studios. Our Scandinavian customers has also have shown a need to experience and create their campaigns more planned in a place of inspiration, different to what we have in Scandinavia and with a better average temperature all year round.

We think successful media and event producers need to act more as multi-skilled consultants and with an automatic understanding of the customer’s product or service. So we present tailormade teams with professional consultants from our studio in Portixol, Palma.

Our international collaborations will increase to maximize outcomes and cost-effectiveness in all individual assignments. We are  a creative consultancy agency network operating across the world.



Palma de Mallorca


Niko Bellotto Solfors
Production Manager
+34 691 90 73 98

Greater Copenhagen


Jean Benneth Tyrén
Project Manager
+46 708 89 61 30


Bernat Visca 19
Portixol/El Molinar
Palma de Mallorca

Mässgatan 6

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